Modern Book Marketing: Tools, Techniques and Services

With all of the known tools to promote book “discovery” and market authors and titles, why is it so hard to break through? And with all of the new outlets, services and options, how do you concentrate your marketing efforts and dollars effectively?

Developed in conjunction with Peter McCarthy, a digital marketer formerly at Random House and Penguin and one of the industry’s leading experts on marketing strategy and innovation in the digital age, we’ll present the first clear and comprehensive overview of a complete, effective, and repeatable marketing strategy. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE MARKETING CONFERENCE PROGRAM.

You will learn how to:

•    Construct a framework which includes the three big buckets of marketing strategy: B2B, B2C known, and B2C unknown

•    Articulate the 22 discrete activities that constitute holistic marketing in the 21st century

•    Define, build, and use your known customer database, Hear the steps every publisher should take

•    Evaluate the tool set. Understand what matters most, what matters least, and get the most from your efforts

•    Differentiate demographics, psychographics, and behavior. Why they matter, and how to use them all

•    Lay the foundation. What are the core requirements to effectively position every author and book by employing the meaningful developments in SEO, Social, and Mobile

•    Get the most effective help from authors and agents to help you grow your audience

•    Wring the most from your promotional budget dollars, whether you have $100, $1,000, or $10,000

•    Use data and analysis throughout to evaluate, synthesize, optimize, and communicate to create an ever-learning marketing organization

Solution Speed-Dating

This full-day marketing conference also features a round robin “ask the experts” session in which attendees will break into smaller groups for specific question-and-answer sessions with leading vendors and select industry leaders. Participants rotate through “speed-dating” sessions of their choice. During the 15-minute date, the vendors will provide a summary of their services, answer questions, and collect contact information for future follow up. “Experts” will answer whatever questions attendees raise at their sessions.

You know what your marketing needs to do, now find practical road-tested strategies for getting there. You will leave this event a more effective and efficient marketer, publisher, publicist, editor, agent, or technologist!